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Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, is the chief veterinary officer for dvm360® — an MJH Life Sciences® company — who oversees content strategy and development and is the brand voice and personality for dvm360®’s multimedia channels. As a charismatic leader, he brings wit, humor, and authenticity to animal health care as the host of a new web-based talk show, dvm360 Live!™, The Vet Blast Podcast, continuing education webinars, and live media broadcasts. Christman also has been in private practice and shelter medicine for 18 years and is currently a member and treasurer of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association. He received his DVM degree from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames, Iowa, and his MBA from Aspen University in Denver, Colorado.

Christman is a national thought leader, speaker, and author on practice management, social media, and rehabilitation, and coauthored, “Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund? A Pet Owner’s Guide for Owners Who Are Terrified of IVDD”—a book on dogs with disabilities. He has been featured in multiple publications and appeared on various multimedia shows throughout the United States, sharing his expertise and passion on all things veterinary medicine.

As an avid social media influencer for animal health care, he has over 800,000 followers on TikTok and 53,000 followers on Instagram. He loves to engage with fellow pet parents and veterinary professionals across social media. Christman is an advocate of Pride VMC and Pawsibilities. He is also the proud dog dad to 4 dachshunds and believes no one should be deprived of the incredible human-animal bond.

Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
March 23, 2023.
A wonderful practical guide for Pet Owners dealing with IVDD My dachshund was diagnosed with IVDD twelve days ago and this book arrived yesterday. My only regret is that we didn’t own this book a month before our Maddie was diagnosed. It is such a practical step-by-step “how-to” guide for how to survive and thrive while taking care of a “down” (e.g., non-ambulatory) dog with IVDD. Written in extremely accessible language with both compassion and humour, it is the first source I’ve read about IVDD that addresses all the practical questions about caring for IVDD that no one else does. From how to set up the Taj Mahal of crates (Taj MaCrate) to keeping your dog stimulated and entertained for weeks of crate rest and what to expect at each stage of recovery and how to ensure your dogs best outcome and highest levels of comfort, this book really covers it all without being overwhelming. I can’t recommend it enough. I wish I could keep the owners on speed-dial!
Stephie A
Stephie A
January 25, 2023.
Must Must have for IVDD furkids. Take this with you to the vet. Great tips A to Z.
Karen R. Fine
Karen R. Fine
November 28, 2022.
A valuable resource As a veterinarian, I was so pleased to find this book. What an incredibly informative (and even, as an added bonus, funny) resource for pet parents in need of support and guidance at what can be a very stressful time! Highly recommend.
Sam S.
Sam S.
July 23, 2022.
Must have book for Dachshund owners Lots of great info on how to be prepared for an IVDD incident, spotting the warning signs, and making a decision on treatment options. Highly recommend getting this book regardless of whether your dachshund has been diagnosed with IVDD.
E. M
E. M
May 10, 2022.
Every long dog owners needs this book! I honestly believe this book should be given with every adoption of a long dog that might end up with potential ivdd or needing emergency back surgery. We had no idea about any of this stuff and we were faced with a back injury in our 3.5yr old chiweenie that resulted in back end paralysis. We were given the option of needing to come up with $11,000 for emergency back surgery or told our dog should be put to sleep... We had no idea about other options. That the injury did not mean our baby needed to be put to sleep if we couldn't come up with a ridiculous amount of money in less than 5hrs. and that they can potential recover partially or fully to live wonderful happy lives still. I would have loved to have the checklists and info in this book before this whole situation ever happened so I could have been more informed and prepared to fight for my baby. It shows you what your options are. How to prepare for your decisions and what the dog will need in the future based on different scenarios of healing. It is a great book and very informative. Would suggest this book to any back injury prone breeds not just weenie dogs. We ended up choosing surgery and our boy is almost back to normal about 80% and we are 6 weeks out. I didn't find this book until after his surgery. But I will be prepared for future ivdd flare ups or injuries!
Denver Franks
Denver Franks
March 4, 2022.
Good to know if you're a beginners with ivd A little busy with storytelling but good information for anybody that doesn't know anything about ivdd
Robin C.
Robin C.
February 15, 2022.
Valuable Resource We learned after adopting our little beagle mix that she had undiagnosed IVDD, which is apparently not uncommon for beagles as well as dachshunds. (We still would not trade her for the world). I wish I would have had this book from the beginning as it contains reliable, detailed information all in one place. The only additional information I could have asked for is more information about Prednisolone side effects in dogs (which I specifically Googled) so I could understand better what was going on. (The prednisolone was necessary just the effects were puzzling at first). Also, how best to pick up a dog with IVDD; I found a YouTube video made by an animal hospital that helped. Other than that, this book takes you step by step on how to help your dog with IVDD which is so worth it!
Heather O.
Heather O.
January 12, 2022.
Critical info for any Dachshund owner This is exactly what I needed when my dog, Skye, had her first episode of IVDD in July 2021 that resulted in emergency surgery. I didn't have this amazing book, so I read all that I could find on the internet. It was overwhelming and confusing. This book offers a condensed, easy to read and what to do version for any dog owner who has a dog with IVDD or a dog who is prone to IVDD. It brings hope and optimism with the empowerment that you can do this. I flagged multiple pages to refer back to because unfortunately I know I will need reminders if another flare occurs. This book should be given to all IVDD prone dog owners so they are prepared on what to do. I love the references of planning for what you'll do when you're regular vet is open as well as when they're closed because when an IVDD flare strikes, it is hard to think straight. I now have extra tools in my toolbox of what to do and wish I had this book earlier.
Deborah Childress
Deborah Childress
January 10, 2022.
Great practical information This book is a great place to start if you have a dog with IVDD no matter the breed
Mindy, in the Carolina's
Mindy, in the Carolina's
August 20, 2021.
WONDERFUL EXPLANATIONS Every parent that has an IVDD baby needs this book bc never kno when the time will come we have to express their bladder etc. Just alot of great info all throughout.

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