PrideVMC Pride Spotlight: Dr. Adam Christman!

PrideVMC Pride Spotlight: Dr. Adam Christman!

Meet Dr. Adam Christman!

🐾Your role in the #veterinary profession?⁣⁣

Chief Veterinary Office for Multimedia Company Fetch dvm360⁣⁣

🎶Your walk-in song?⁣⁣

DMX “Up in here”!!⁣⁣

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🌈How have you been impacted by #PrideVMC?⁣⁣

The overwhelming support from fellow PrideVMC colleagues on social media has been instrumental. The organization is a safe place to discuss concerns as well as create change to allow innovation, change and acceptance from individuals of all walks of life!⁣⁣

💡Why do you think associations such as PrideVMC are important to the veterinary profession?⁣⁣

I always say, never take your sexuality for granted. It may be easy for some to say “I’m straight” but those that aren’t “straight’ have significant hurdles to overcome and obstacles they may encounter. PrideVMC provides the necessary knowledge to ALL members of the veterinary community. Having discussions, webinars, live events and merch helps us become better as being the best human being we possibly can be in this world. Life is way too short. We all have one thing in common on this planet–we can never get back time. NOW is the time to enjoy your life, be comfortable in your own skin and help animals in the best way we can.⁣⁣

🏳️‍🌈Why are #Pride activities important to you?⁣⁣

It’s great to connect and be a part of a community that is very accepting. Celebrating each other’s identity with the world helps educate and provide acceptance, respect and tolerance!⁣

🤟🏾Favorite #quote?⁣

“Getting old is mandatory but growing up isn’t.” -Walt Disney⁣

🎖️Anything else you would like to share?⁣

I’m proud to be a veterinarian who happens to be gay. I’m proud to be a gay man who happens to be a veterinarian. I’m proud of who I am and proud to be a member of @PrideVMC!⁣

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